About Joined Development

Joined Development, is working to build and rebuild a world where poverty is lessened, neighborhoods are thriving and all people can realize their full potential. We understand that affordable housing and supportive programs improve the economic status of residents, revitalize neighborhoods and stabilize lives. We participate in the development, preservation, and management of affordable, program-enriched housing across the country. Joined Development serves a variety of populations with communities for vulnerable families, seniors and people with special needs. We renovate existing housing stock, as well as develop new affordable and mixed-use rental properties.
Joined Development is redefining affordable housing by providing a stable foundation from where our residents can discover their capabilities, supported by practical programs such as financial education, employment initiatives, parenting, health classes, and after-school programs for children.


The multi-faceted world of affordable housing requires experienced leadership, business knowhow, perseverance, flexibility, creativity, and the ability to juggle a plethora of details without letting the balls drop.

Our ability to navigate the intricate challenges typical in affordable properties, is due to our Development Team's formidable proficiency in the many various HUD programs, including Section 236 Property Rehabilitation, Mark-to-Market Restructuring, HUD 202 projects, Section 42 LIHTC, RAD conversions, and other Federally rent assisted properties.

We consult with leading Housing Attorneys, Tax and Accounting advisors, to insure tax efficiency that mitigates recapture and phantom income repercussions, in all our customized deal structures.

Joined Development engages the best in the industry and our skilled development team is well recognized for their expertise in:

  • Site surveying and acquisition
  • Creative site planning and design
  • Procuring multiple layers of exceedingly competitive financing
  • Securing entitlements
  • Cutting-edge construction management procedures
  • Delivering projects on schedule and within budget
  • Community outreach and relations
  • Effective planning in the early phases of a project will dictate long-term success, conversely inadequate planning during this phase can result in projects that are not sustainable in the long term.

  • Determining Scope of Work and Feasibility analysis
  • Funding Pre-development Costs
  • Financial Modeling and Underwriting
  • Negotiating with Lender, Tax Credit Investor, and Agency partners
  • Providing Construction, Lease-up, Operating Deficit, and Long-term LIHTC guarantees
  • In order to assess potential risk, and provide recommendation on how to best protect our interests, and mitigate those risks, it is imperative to perform a proper preliminary project review. Joined Development's extensive experience provides a broad perspective to identify and analyze Project Due Diligence.

  • Project performance review
  • Preliminary budget analysis
  • Scope of work definition
  • Identification of potential existing site conditions
  • Mitigation of permitting and environmental flooding/drainage issues
  • We understand that Financial Strength is of utmost importance to our partners and lenders. In addition to increased profitability, liquidity and solvency, having programs in place to aggressively measure and improve financial strength provides substantial benefits, including: greater access to debt and equity capital, lower cost of capital, increased growth, increased market share, increased flexibility and most importantly, the ability to respond faster to changes in the affordable housing industry.

  • Evaluation of financing alternatives
  • Advice regarding design features
  • Deal structuring to enhance financing opportunities
  • Coordination of multiple financing sources
  • Obtaining financing commitments
  • Closing financing commitments
  • Administration of financing services
  • Conversion of construction to permanent financing
  • Construction Management involves the task of assembling a virtual factory for construction; contending with all local, state, and federal regulations; coordinating skilled and unskilled craftspeople, unions, contractors, subcontractors, architects, engineers, planners, consultants, and partners, encompassing all project stages; from initial planning and coordinating, through renovation and building completion.

  • Plan review
  • Value engineering
  • Preliminary cost estimation
  • Final cost estimation
  • Construction Supervision
  • Quality Control Systems
  • Scheduling
  • We are committed to the long term quality, appearance, operation and affordability of all of our projects, our long term asset management approach to property management include:

  • Design Consultation
  • Quality control inspection at completion of construction
  • Marketing planning that satisfies fair housing laws
  • Initial and renewal tenant certification
  • On site management selection and supervision
  • Long term asset management strategies
  • Annual Budgeting
  • Compliance Reporting
  • Our Core Values


    We provide accurate, timely information, manage our company resources responsibly, and conduct all aspects of our business honestly and fairly.


    We work as a team that seeks out and honors diverse opinions, ideas and skillsets in order to achieve common goals. We understand that individual success is linked with our collective success.


    We follow through on the commitments we make to one another, our partners, our residents and our communities. We deliver specific, defined results and take full accountability for the resulting consequences of our actions or inactions, thus assuring proper Agency & Investor compliance at all times


    We treat our employees, residents, partners, vendors and the community in which we work with dignity. We welcome social and intellectual diversity and we recognize and value the unique contributions made by our diverse stakeholders.


    We set and strive to meet a high standard for quality, professionalism and competence. We strive to create a work environment that inspires extraordinary work, recognizes results, and gives everyone a chance to make a difference and share in the organization's success.


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